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Orlando Wedding Photographer
Top Five Mistakes When Choosing a Wedding Videographer
July 27, 2018

Essential Must-haves When Choosing A Wedding Videographer

Orlando Wedding Photographer

Orlando Wedding Photographer

Choosing an Orlando wedding videographer to cover your special day can be quite a hassle especially if you are faced with a lot of options. The Orlando wedding videography industry is quite saturated with a lot of videographers claiming to be experts; so, while hunting for one, there are certain things you must have before you make this big decision. This knowledge will help you choose the most talented and most affordable wedding videographer you can find to ensure you get the best results.

In this post, we will highlight few essential must-have tips when choosing a wedding videographer.

  1. Take your wedding videography choice very seriously

Wedding videography takes a lot of skill, patience and of course experience. It is important that you take your search for the perfect Orlando wedding videographer as serious as you would take the search for a photographer. This is because a lot of work goes into creating flawless wedding videos and you certainly need an expert for that. So take your time, scan through your options closely and find the Orlando wedding videographer that best understands your vision for your special day. 

Orlando Wedding Photographer

Orlando Wedding Photographer & Videography | K. Bryant Images

  1. Worry more about the style/personality of your videographer

A videographer with no sense of style or creativity will leave you with a bland, boring wedding video. It is advised that you assess your options as closely as you can and pick the one whose personality and style matches yours to a large extent. The creativity of an Orlando wedding videographer will definitely be evident in the film he produces and it’s better to look out for this factor than to focus on the kind of equipment he uses and other technicalities. This is because almost every videographer out there has state of the art equipment but no creativity.

  1. Discuss your wedding video goals

It is important that you sit with your potential videographer and discuss your vision and goals for your wedding with him. Do you want a summary video that will last for about 5 minutes? Or you want a full video covering the entire event? You need to communicate this with your videographers and get an insight as to how they plan to make it work. This will help narrow down your search and hopefully helps you pick the one that understands your vision the most.

  1. Try not to micromanage

It’s the job of the creative to make you feel at ease with your choice. We understand that it’s your wedding and you want to go over every tiny detail to ensure everything turns out perfectly. However, with Orlando wedding videography you are dealing with creatives who need space for their creative juices to flow. This being said, you will need to give whoever you hire the space to work having trusted in the fact that you did your homework and definitely made the right choice. 

It can be quite hard to just pick one Orlando wedding videographer out of the many; however, with the tips in this post, we are certain that you will make a great and well-informed choice. Good luck!


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