Mistakes When Choosing a Wedding Videographer
Orlando Wedding Photographer
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July 27, 2018
Orlando Wedding Photographer
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August 2, 2018

Top Five Mistakes When Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Orlando Wedding Photographer

Orlando Wedding Photographer

Making the right choice of an Orlando wedding videographer can be more stressful than anticipated especially with so many talented wedding videographers in the market. One definitely has to have great insight and know exactly what she wants for her wedding before being able to choose a videographer to cover her event.

 When choosing a videographer, there are quite a number of mistakes that many brides make and this often leads to bad wedding pictures in the end. In this post, we will highlight five of the most common mistakes to help you make a very informed decision on who will cover your event.

  1. Not hiring from the same company as your photographer

Even though there are few differences between photography and videography, it is always wise to hire your Orlando wedding photographer and Orlando wedding videographer from the same company if possible. This way, there is a huge possibility that they have worked together before and they will be able to coordinate their shots easily to give you the best results. Using videographers and photographers from different companies might not yield the best overall results.

  1. Not asking to see samples

This is your wedding and you have to take the time to ensure all details are perfect. This also comes to play when hiring an Orlando wedding videographer. A lot of brides fail to ask or specific wedding videos and just ask for samples instead. It is important that you ask your potential videographer to show you a vast array of the wedding videos he shot in the past as this will give you a very clear view of his strengths on camera and whether or not he will be able to deliver up to your standards. 

  1. You don’t have to hire just one videographer

This might seem like a lot but if your budget can accommodate an extra videographer, why not splurge? The beauty of hiring two Orlando wedding videographers is that they will work together and be able to have way more coverage of your big day. What’s more? They will merge their shots afterwards and give you a great wedding video in the end. A helpful tip is to hire them from the same company, this way, they will be able to work together perfectly to achieve great results.

  1. Not going over the music selection

Many brides just leave the videographer to choose whatever music he deems fit to use on the wedding video and end they usually up dissatisfied. To avoid this, you should go over the choice of songs he has in mind and the ones you’d like to be sure you are both on the same page. Leaving this detail to your videographer might lead to unsatisfactory results.

  1. Assuming he “gets” you

We understand that some brides meet wedding videographers who just understood their needs immediately and while this is great, it is important that you make no assumptions. Take the time to tell him your vison for the video and what you want to see and ensure that he understands your needs perfectly.

Orlando wedding videography is a great way to capture those beautiful moments of your wedding and with this post we are certain that you will not make the mistake other brides made and hire the best videographer to cover your wedding. Good luck!

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